BW Offshore and Golfinho Cluster.

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BW Offshore, a traditional player for floating production solutions and the operator of the Maromba field in the Campos basin, was invited by Petrobras for negotiations involving the GOLFINHO cluster, located in the Espírito Santo Basin.

The Golfinho cluster is located in water depths between 1,300 m and 2,200 m. The cluster incorporates the Golfinho (oil producer), Canapu (inactive gas producer) field, and the exploratory block BM-ES-23.

The Canapu field is 100% owned by Petrobras and has produced gas for nine years (2010 and 2019). Block BM-ES-13 (PAD) is operated by Petrobras (65%) in consortium with INPEX (15%) and with PTTEP ( 20%).

The main asset of the cluster, the Golfinho field (100% Petrobras), was discovered in 2003 by the well 1BRSA223ESS. The field production started in 2006, reaching the peak of production by Dec-2007 with approximately 86.000 bbl/day. Currently, the field produces an average of 11.000 bbl/day from 6 wells.

The main reservoirs of the Golfinho Field age from the Upper Maastrichtian to the Upper Campanian (Urucutuca Formation). The geological target is the turbidite sandstones channeled through a thick section of shales of the same formation. The Maastrichtian reservoir has 28° API oil, while the Campanian reservoir has 41° API oil. The average API of the total oil produced from the field is 29.8° API Blend.

In the teaser published by Petrobras in 2020, the company suggested drilling three new producing wells, leading to a maximum production of 30.000 bbl/day, but in the last two years, only one well was drilled (7GLF49HESS).

Originally the field had an estimated in-place volume of 782.000 barrels, having already produced 22.6% of this amount.

The Espírito Santo Basin offshore has 11 companies among operators and consortium companies, with constant investments in deep and ultra deep water environments.

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