ANP Announces Sectors to be Offered on 3rd Open Acreage Cycle

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According to the bid regulations, those were the sectors that received a declaration of interest by previously registered companies. Currently, 79 companies are registered and may bid on any block from these sectors as long as they present a declaration of interest together with a pre-defined bid bond. Additional declarations will be accepted until March 14th.

Here are the sectors for each basin. Apart from Pelotas and Santos, all sectors are onshore.

Espírito Santo: SES-T4 and SES-T6 (21 blocks, mature areas).

Pelotas: SP-AP4 (9 blocks, new frontier).

Potiguar: SPOT-T2, SPOT-T3, SPOT-T4, and SPOT-T5 (176 blocks, mature areas).

Recôncavo: SREC-T1, SREC-T2 and SREC-T3 (74 blocks, mature areas).

Santos: SS-AP4 (23 blocks, new frontier).

Sergipe-Alagoas: SSEAL-T2 and SSEAL-T3 (61 blocks, mature areas).

Tucano: STUC-S (15 blocks, new frontier).

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