Jubarte Pre-salt X Post-salt

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Jubarte was first discovered in 2001 and started its production at the end of 2002. Back then until 2010 the field only produced oil from post-salt reservoirs.

The first well to target and reach pre-salt formations was drilled in 2008 and started producing two years later. Since then, pre-salt production rose, and as of 2016, has become the field main source of oil as post-salt production is constantly decreasing.

In total, Jubarte has 143 wells, 102 of them being post-salt, and 41 pre-salt. However, pre-salt wells were responsible for 67% of the 56.6 million barrels Jubarte produced in 2020.

Looking at our 3D Well Scatter, we can clearly identify the two main clusters of post-salt production and below them, the deeper, pre-salt wells.

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