Pre-salt Petrobras FPSOs

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About 10 days ago, Petrobras requested the licensing for 13 new FPSOs on multiple pre-salt assets.

From the 10 assets mentioned, 3 are in exploration stages (2 are yet to be drilled) while the other seven are in the development phase.

Búzios is the field with the most planned platforms, 4 units. One of the platforms will have a 225k bbl/d capacity, the biggest in the country.

For the first time, Petrobras licenses production platforms without a well assuring the field discovery.

Três Marias and Aram have a planned platform each. Both blocks have considerable high potential (Três Marias – 2 B barrels and Aram with – 29 B barrels of OIP, according to ANP). Still, they have not been drilled or tested for pre-salt structures yet.

Original Libra outline was split into two different assets, Mero under development and Libra considered as exploration.

The nonexistence of a platform dedicated to Libra Block in the environmental plan, combined with the results of the previously drilled wells in that area, indicates significant uncertainties regarding this portion of the reservoir.

Other assets to receive new FPSOs are Lula, Atapu, Sépia, Sururu, Sagitário and Uirapuru.

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