PGS Requests License for SW Pelotas 3D

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The survey has a proposed acquisition area of approximately 31,588 km², starting at a water depth of 500 meters, and focusing on the deep water, south portion of the basin. According to the project’s schedule, activities will be conducted in 3 phases, with a total duration of 450 days.

Located in the southernmost part of Brazil’s offshore exploration frontier, this region has never been drilled before and includes more than 30 blocks on Open Acreage, all classified as Deep and Ultra Deep Water. There are only a few 2D surveys and no 3D surveys in this area yet.

Pelotas is currently gaining more visibility due to recent discoveries in Namibia, mainly by Shell and TotalEnergies. This interest is based on the correlation of the offshore sedimentary basins of Brazil and Africa, which may have had similar development processes as a result of the breakup of the Gondwana paleocontinent.

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