Westerngeco Requests License for Pelotas 3D

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Following up on the news of new seismic acquisitions, Westerngeco has also requested another license for south-central Pelotas. This acquisition polygon has an approximate area of 91,770 km² and starts at a water depth of 200 meters. According to the project’s schedule, activities should start in October 2024, expected to be completed in approximately 900 days.

The region of Pelotas deep waters has only 1 well drilled since 2001, which had no hydrocarbon show, configuring a largely unexplored region and one of Brazil’s new frontier areas. The last assets on the basin were relinquished by Petrobras in 2020.

Since Round Zero (1998), Pelotas Basin has been present in multiple bids, with a total of 205 blocks offered and only 8 acquired. In April 2023, ANP released a note regarding the area’s low attractiveness, introducing a project for a more detailed geological and geophysical mapping. This project aims to revise the minimum bonus calculation and to propose changes in blocks’ outlines – currently there are 115 blocks on Open Acreage – to make them more competitive, encouraging exploratory activity in the region.

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