New Areas on Open Acreage

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Six blocks may be included in future cycles of the Open Acreage under Production Sharing Regime (OPP), with four located in the Campos Basin (Jaspe, Citrino, Larimar, and Ônix) and one in Santos Basin (Mogno). These blocks are currently under study and waiting for the approval from the National Council of Energy Policy (CNPE).

Jaspe block is adjacent to Itaimbezinho. In this case, the primary fluid modeled for the structures was gas condensate. The total estimated VGIP for the block, considering the upsides, is 2.36 billion boe.

Citrino, Ônix, and Larimar blocks are located east from the Albacora, Marlim Leste, and Marlim Sul fields. Citrino has an estimated average VOIP of 3.56 billion barrels. Larimar and Ônix have gas condensate modeled as the main fluid in place. The estimated VGIP is 1.79 billion boe for Larimar and 1.46 billion boe for Ônix.

Mogno is in the Santos Basin, south of the Cruzeiro do Sul block. The main structure is estimated to have a VOIP of 4.14 billion barrels. As this block’s main structure extends beyond the Exclusive Economic Zone borders, the International Seabed Authority (ISA) should receive some compensation.

Lastly, the location of block S-M-1259, in Santos Basin, was confirmed and is also awaiting approval for inclusion in the Open Acreage under Concession regime (OPC). The total estimated VOIP, considering the upsides, is 586 million boe.

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