1st Cycle of the Open Acreage under Production Sharing Regime

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Geopost is already updated with the results from the public presentation of offers for the 1st Cycle of the Open Acreage under Production Sharing regime held by ANP earlier today.

Eleven blocks were on offer: 4 in the Campos Basin (Água-Marinha, Itaimbezinho, Norte de Brava, and Turmalina) and 7 in the Santos Basin (Ágata, Bumerangue, Cruzeiro do Sul, Esmeralda, Jade, Sudoeste de Sagitário, and Tupinambá). Ametista block (Santos basin) was not available for bidding in the current round.

Not all blocks received bids, and here are the results of the winners:


Água-Marinha – SC-AP4
Companies: Petrobras (30%), TotalEnergies (30%), PETRONAS (20%), QatarEnergy (20%)
Signature Bonus: R$ 65,443,000.00
Profit Oil: 42.40%

Norte de Brava
– SC-AP2
Company: Petrobras (100%)
Signature Bonus: R$ 511,692,000.00
Profit Oil: 61.71%


Bumerangue – SS-AUP5
Company: bp (100%)
Signature Bonus: R$ 8,861,000.00
Profit Oil: 5.90%

Sudoeste de Sagitário – SS-AUP2
Companies: Petrobras (60%), Shell (40%)
Signature Bonus: R$ 330,256,000.00
Profit Oil: 25.00%

Blocks with no offers:
Ágata, Cruzeiro do Sul, Esmeralda, Itaimbezinho, Jade, Tupinambá and Turmalina.

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