CGG Requests Seismic Research License on the Equatorial Margin

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According to a new document added on the Ibama portal, the company is licensing an acquisition area of 34,977 km² – mostly on Barreirinhas – for a 3D survey. Activities are planned to commence at the beginning of 2023 and should take around 630 days.

This project is an extension of the previous survey “Megabar” delivered at the end of 2016 covering almost all of the exploration blocks in the basin. However, with the exception of BM-BAR-1 – which has two wells – none of the other assets had their drilling program executed.

The acquisition area covers 10 blocks which are “under study” and might be added to the Open Acreage in the future, as well as two blocks owned by Petrobras and bp (both with their exploration programs suspended). There is only a single well, drilled in 2009, with gas shows but deemed non-commercial.