Petrobras recent divestment overview

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In February, the Peroá Cluster was bought by OP Energia and DBO Energy for US$ 55 MM. Later, both companies announced a partnership to create 3R Offshore, a 3R Petroleum subsidiary that will hold 100% of the newly acquired assets. The cluster consists of gas fields Peroá and Cangoá, as well as the block ES-M-414 containing gas discovery Malombe. With that, 3R Petroleum has bought 37 assets from Petrobras divestments (some are still pending ANP approvals).

Karavan O&G paid US$ 155 MM for the Cricaré Cluster, a group of 27 onshore fields on the Espírito Santo basin. According to the company’s website, these contain around 600 million barrels of OIP.

Recently, ANP approved the acquisition of the Remanso Cluster by PetroReconcavo for US$ 30 MM. In February, they also bought the Miranga cluster for US$ 220 MM, totaling 55 fields acquired from onshore divestments.

With that, since 2019, Petrobras has sold 145 assets for approximately 4 billion dollars, negotiating with more than 10 companies. Currently, there are still plenty of opportunities on the onshore (Bahia Terra Cluster), shallow waters (Garoupa Cluster), and deep waters (Marlim Cluster).

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