Cancã: A Brief Summary Based on Geopost Available Data

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Cancã field was discovered in 2005 and started its production and development in 2008, operated by Petrobras. In 2018, a nearby block originated Cancã Leste, which became an adjacent field to Cancã.

By August 2020, Petrobras started the divestment process of 4 onshore production fields located in the Espírito Santo basin – together referred to as Polo Norte Capixaba – consisting of Cancã, Cancã Leste, Fazenda Alegre, Fazenda São Rafael, and Fazenda Santa Luzia. In February 2022, Seacrest Petroleo signed the purchase of the cluster, valued at a total of USD 544 million.

In the context of onshore Espírito Santo, Cancã is the 2nd field with the largest accumulated production in the past 5 years, only behind Fazenda Alegre. In this period, Cancã has produced more than 2.5 MMboe, with the well 7-CNC-35-ES being its leading producer.

The main reservoir in Cancã is found in the São Mateus Formation. However, after further evaluation, Petrobras discovered a second producing interval in Regência Fm (carbonatic zone) that was initially considered as non-producing, confirming a new target in the Espírito Santo basin.

As for Cancã Leste, it has since been unitized to Cancã. The eastern portion has two drilled wells and only one has production attributed but related to another play producer. Based on a 3D interpretation of Cancã, made on Geopost, it is possible to notice two possible targets which may display promising results in the future.

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