Peregrino Resumes Production After More Than Two Years

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According to a press release by Equinor, Peregrino is finally back producing since July 16th after production was halted on April 2020 amid COVID lockdowns and the need for some maintenance work. Since then, the company conducted an extensive number of repairs and renovations on their infrastructure, installed a new fixed platform – Peregrino C – and drilled 5 new wells, the newest one (9-PRG-75i-RJS) already being drilled from the new rig according to ANP data.

Peregrino has an accumulated production of over 200 million barrels of oil and had an average output of 63,000 bbl/day over the past 12 months prior to the interruption. Recoverable reserves are expected to increase by 250-300 million of barrels with the help of Peregrino C.

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