New Petrobras Wildcat on 14th Bid Round Block

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The vessel West Tellus arrived on the block C-M-346 on May 22nd, and according to environmental licensing documents this is probably the Mairarê well (1-BRSA-1380D-RJS), with a water depth of 2,849 meters.

The same vessel previously drilled the Urissanê well (1-BRSA-1377-RJS, on October 2020, with HC reports) and the well 1-BRSA-1378-RJS (on the end of February, no HC reports yet).

This block was acquired on the 14th Bid Round (2017) for approx. BRL 2,2 billion, by the consortium Petrobras (50%) / ExxonMobil (50%). The same consortium owns other 5 blocks in the area (C-M-210, C-M-277, C-M-344, C-M-411, and C-M-413).

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