What to expect from the Second Cycle of Open Acreage?

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ANP has just announced, on Tuesday, which sectors will be taking part in the Second Cycle of Open Acreage. Those are the sectors which received at least one declaration of interest, together with the bid bond of any of its Exploration Blocks or Marginal Accumulations Fields.

All registered companies have until November 16th to present any additional declarations of interest for areas inside the listed sectors. This means that, at this point, interest for areas outside the highlighted sectors, will no longer be accepted.

As published, there will be 16 sectors across the onshore, shallow, deep, and ultradeep waters. Most of them are new to the Open Acreage as only 5 of the 16 were on the First Cycle, none of them offshore.

Geopost has all the information regarding bid bonds and minimum signature bonuses, as well as information from the First Cycle.

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