Simplify your sales operation with Geopost Marketplace

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Geopost is a platform where you can host, preview, interpret, share, market, sell, and deliver your subsurface data to your clients. All of that, while having at your disposal our robust database of public O&G data ready to assist you in various ways.

With Geopost, you are able to manage and preview technical data such as seismic and well files, with integrated interpretation tools to collaborate and enhance the overall accessibility of those.

This means being able to immediately pull up a seismic profile for a potential client during a presentation or granting access to a limited portion of it while having full control of what can be seen and how it could be manipulated. Geopost covers the marketing, sale (traditional and e-commerce), and delivery of your data, providing support throughout your sales cycle.

All in all, Geopost offers an integrated and collaborative environment, either within companies’ employees or between companies and clients/commercial partners.

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