Petrobras Offering 40% WI on Equatorial Margin Blocks

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The company announced yesterday that it is selling 40% of their Working Interest on the Pitu discovery (blocks POT-M-853 and POT-M-855), as well as on the block POT-M-762, all of them located on deep-water Potiguar.

According to the Teaser, Petrobras plans to drill 2 wells on these areas over the next two years: Pitu Oeste, to better evaluate the previous discovery, and Anhangá, the main prospect on POT-M-762.

A new exploration effort is expected to happen in the next few years on the Brazilian Equatorial Margin, with several blocks located on Foz do Amazonas, Pará-Maranhão, Barreirinhas and Potiguar. In recent years, we have seen Petrobras start licensing processes on some of these basins, along with geophysics companies requesting environmental licenses for potential surveys.

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