IBAMA authorizes two new production units for Campos basin

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IBAMA grants the installation license for the Marlim and Voador Field Revitalization project (Campos Basin), where the Anna Nery and Anita Garibaldi FPSOs will be installed.

Marlim field was discovered in 1985 in water depths ranging from 650m to 1050m. For many years Marlim was the most important Brazilian field. It produced over 2.8 Billion barrels in its lifetime (not considering the production from Marlim south and Marlim East).

Voador field is located adjacent to Marlim in shallower waters ranging from 400m to 700m. discovered in 1987. Its maximum production happened during 2000 with 38,000 barrels per day.

Since 2010 Petrobras incorporated new pre-salt reserves to Marlim and, afterward, to Voador Field (2012).

Initially, the fields were part of Petrobras‘s divestment Plan (50% of its participation), but in April-2022, the company reevaluated this position and decided to keep the assets as part of its portfolio.

The FPSOs are being built by MODEC, and Yinson and will be connected to 77 wells (14 new wells).

In a successful scenario, the new production units and the development.

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